Batch Plot

Easy printing and export of all drawings. Watermarks, customer names and even quantities are added to drawing at time of printing.

Traditionally, it is a huge task to collect, print and export all the drawings in an Assembly. Cadmes Batch Plot will make this an easy job.

  • Save a lot of time by reducing the manual task of printing drawings
  • Non-CAD users can print drawing sets without disturbing the CAD users
  • By printing context specific properties, drawings can be reused for new projects. Still project specific data can be printed for easy referencing in production
  • CAD users can continue working while print job is running on job server
  • The add-in can be tailored to the customer’s needs by a range of configurable options

Cadmes Batch Plot enables users to print or export all drawings referenced by an assembly and it’s underlying components or a set of drawings specified in a list coming from ERP or other external sources. If running the Batch Plot from an assembly, users simply select the assembly first and run the function. An application window is shown where the user can see a list of all drawings found belonging to the assembly.

In case of printing, user can use predefined configuration settings. In these settings an output device is defined for each drawing size (A0, A1, etc) including scale and rotation if required. Multiple configuration settings can be defined and saved, for example to have a setting for draft print and production print.

In case of export, drawings can be saved to other formats like PDF, DXF or STEP. Export files can be saved inside or outside the PDM vault.
A range of options can be configured in the Batch Wizard like watermark stamping and printing of context specific properties (quantity, date, position number, order number, customer or workflow status). The function can run on the local client or on a job server.