Category Wizard

Designed for SOLIDWORKS EPDM customers who need to fill in multiple related fields using one selection.

Cadmes Category Wizard help every SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM customer who needs to fill multiple, possibly related fields with one selection. Category Wizard can do this in a graphical, multilingual selection window.

  • Easy selection of standardized values
  • Branched selection very suitable for product classes or categories
  • Language Support, enabling the use of multilingual drawings (especially in combination with the Batch Wizard for language dependent plot output)
  • Custom icons can be used to clarify the selection
  • Easy to maintain using Excel import

Many organisations want to standardize input for PDM, like descriptions, part types, material, and treatment. First in order to be more consistent in naming and allow better search possibilities. Second to work with multiple languages for descriptions and other standardized text values. In some cases it is also required to fill related fields like an group name and corresponding number.

The Category Wizard offers the possibility to select one category in a dialog and after that, all related fields are filled in the background. The selection window uses a hierarchical selection tree to enable a branched structure. This is important if selection lists become longer. The user interface is multilingual and can show descriptions in the language of the logged in user.

Administrators maintain the content of the category tree with the Excel table import function or directly in SQL.