Classification Wizard

Easy characterization of components, allowing for a powerful search and optimal use of the standardization potential.

With Cadmes Classification Wizard components can be characterized using typical properties for the component class. This allows a powerful search and increases reuse & standardization.

  • Improve search capabilities and reuse
  • Higher level of standardization because of predefined input values for properties
  • Only relevant properties need to be managed for each class
  • Optimal flexibility in definition of class properties, class model is fully configurable
  • Easy to maintain using Excel import

If the goal of R&D and engineering is to maximize standardization and reuse, classification is a method to improve this. All reusable components can be organized in classes (categories) that contain more or less similar parts or parts with similar functions. A class furthermore can have a typical set of properties. A nut typically has a diameter, height and thread pitch. A bearing has other properties.

The Classification Wizard enables companies to define a specific set of properties for each class flexibly. If a component is assigned to a different class in Enterprise PDM, it will inherit its properties and show it on the data card. Users can then set values for these properties using free text, filtered text or selection lists, depending on the permitted values for a property.

A corresponding search option (classification based search) is provided to search for specific properties in classes. Administrators maintain the content of the category tree with the Excel table import function or directly in SQL.