Share the right information easily

Do you always type the same information over and over again when communicating to other departments? Do you have to switch back and forth between applications to piece the puzzle together? Is the information you receive from other departments incomplete, out of date or error-ridden?

The Enterprise Connectivity Pack consists of a set of tools to easily share information among departments. The right information reaches the right people without the need for re-typing. This saves time and improves data quality and availability.

Automatically inserts the BOM from EPDM on the SOLIDWORKS drawing

Offers a range of smart scenarios to integrate information between PDM and ERP.

Short cut process-planning by integrating tasks in the engineering process.

Facilitates retrieval of ERP information for use in EPDM.

Automated publication of documents from SOLIDWORKS EPDM to SharePoint, including PDM-related information.

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