Design Copy

Quickly start a new project based on an existing one.

A lot of (engineered) order processes where SOLIDWORKS is involved are based on the principle of derived product structures. A design for a specific order is very much alike an existing design, except for some specific parts. Cadmes Design Copy helps to speed up these processes.

  • More business rules can be implemented in the structure copy procedure to have a better support of a company specific order process
  • Components can be filtered to prevent unwanted special parts
  • Modified BOM can be copied to save manual work
  • Variable mapping implicitly stores information about the origin of the design. Work preparation can use this information to find existing data for production

Cadmes Design Copy brings some frequently requested features in addition to the existing copy tree function in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. In the Cadmes Design Copy it is possible to set rules for type of components that can be copied, for example a rule that bolts and nuts are not copied by default. The filter can be set based on any variable in the metadata.

A second feature is the transfer of data card variables. With the Cadmes Design Copy companies can define which variable of the original file must be copied to the new file. This can be done to the same variable or to another. The most obvious example is to copy the content of the “number” variable from the original to the “copied from” variable on the data card of the new file. Also there are several options to fill in defaults on variables of the new file. If a class based numbering system is used based on add-in, the numbering add-in can read the class of the original file and issue the next number in the same class.

If an assembly has a BOM with reference specific values - like position numbers or BOM texts – the entire BOM can be copied to the new assembly.