ERP Exchange

Offers a range of smart scenarios to integrate information between PDM and ERP.

Information in PDM and ERP is overlapping. Integration between both systems will increase the Return on Investment. The Cadmes ERP Exchange offers a range of smart scenarios.

  • Increase return on investment by saving time entering BOM in ERP
  • Reduce error risk by eliminating duplicate entry of data
  • Control business rules by automatic transfer of BOMs from PDM to ERP including filtering options
  • Increase part recognition by viewing documents hyperlinked in ERP
  • Improve decision making in PDM with access to real-time ERP information with PDM documents

The Cadmes ERP Exchange has functionality to serve different item and BOM data exchange scenarios. The most common scenario is bidirectional communication of item record data between ERP and Enterprise PDM. The customer has the choice which system should be leading for item number generation; PDM, ERP or mixed.

BOM data is exported from Enterprise PDM to ERP in a similar way, where rules can be added how PDM BOM lines should appear in ERP. The ERP Exchange Framework can alter information for production purposed based on filtering attributes managed in PDM.

If an automatic neutral format creation is configured in Enterprise PDM – for example automatic creation of drawing PDF on release – these neutral format documents can also be linked to the item master record in ERP automatically if the ERP systems supports file references.

Dynamic ERP item information can be viewed from Enterprise PDM using a pop-up window, showing real-time data like price, stock, delivery time or supplier.

The ERP Exchange has already been implemented with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV, Infor LN/Baan, Isah, Ridder, Exact, Visual, Trimergo, AccountView and Unit4, but can also be implemented with any other system that can import information from external sources.