ERP Material & Operations Wizard

Short cut process-planning by integrating tasks in the engineering process.

Many companies decide to short-cut the process planning by integrating tasks in the engineering process. Engineers already enter information about the raw material items and the operations that a part has to undergo. The ERP Material & Operation Wizard will help to speed things up.

  • Save time in job preparation/process planning by capturing information earlier in the engineering process
  • Save time and reduce errors by reusing material and operation information in case of deriving a part from another
  • Improve information on drawing if material and operation information is printed on drawing
  • Streamline production processes by saving common sequences of operations in production templates

The Cadmes ERP Material & Operation Wizard allows engineers to select a material item from ERP or from another database. The information is imported to the data card of the part in Enterprise PDM and can be shown on the production drawing. In addition to the material selection, typical dimension data like length and width can be entered.

If also production operation information needs to be entered, this also can read from the ERP database or from another external source. For the operation a separate “job preparation window” is shown to the user where operations can be entered, changed or removed. The resulting process information is stored with the part in Enterprise PDM. Frequent combinations of operations can be stored as templates for later reuse.

Via the Cadmes ERP Exchange Framework, the material and operation information is translated into item substructures that the ERP system can understand.

The material and operation information is kept if the part is copied to a new part, saving time in job preparation or process planning for the new part.