Reference Validator

Configuring the life cycle state of referenced documents. During release of a structure, the status of all references is checked to meet minimum conditions.

For most organisations it is vital to ensure the life cycle state of referenced documents and components. Cadmes Reference Validator allows you to configure SOLIDWORKS PDM for such checks.

  • Reference Validator allows organisation to use SOLIDWORKS EPDM to enforce regulatory compliancy rules in a more automated way
  • Automatically consistency can be verified by the system, meaning less manual verification, higher quality and less (costly) errors
  • Easy to use configuration window allows administrators to maintain multiple rules
  • Reference Validator makes use of the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Workflow functionality, allowing all other benefits of workflow like access control management and notification

For some organisations it is vital to ensure that entire document or assembly structures are consistent in terms of life cycle state. The most common example is the requirement that the systems have to check and assure that all child components of an assembly are approved before the assembly can be approved.

The Reference Validator allows organisation to configure SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM in order to perform such checks and prevent the approval of assemblies or drawings if the underlying referenced documents are not yet in the required state. Alternatively checks can be performed on variables of referenced documents whether these filled with required values, for example in case of required fields for ERP or Quality Control.

Administrators can make use of the graphical manager windows to define the rules. Multiple rules are allowed.