SaveAs with drawing

Automatically renames related drawings and prevents errors in renaming models.

A common way to create a variant of a component is simply to use ‘Save As’. With the Cadmes SaveAs with drawing tool you can also do this for a combination of SOLIDWORKS component and its corresponding SOLIDWORKS drawing in one action.

  • Reduce risk for sequence error of manual tasks, like unintentional relinking of original component to new drawing
  • Increase user acceptance and productivity
  • Easy to maintain by internal administrator

This add-in is developed for those users who modify assemblies by saving changed components from the context of the assembly. In most of these cases a new part number is created for a manufactured part and the same number should be used for the name and metadata of the drawing. In basic functionality, this implies two different tasks. With this add-in, users have an additional “Save As” function that also saves the drawing under the new name.

The add-in also supports advanced numbering by add-in. The numbering process will be called during the function. The numbering can adopt the class and other metadata of the original component to pre-define the class for the new component. This is in most cases wanted because the new part fulfils a similar function in an assembly.