SharePoint Connector

Automated publication of documents from SOLIDWORKS EPDM to SharePoint, including PDM-related information.

Microsoft SharePoint is a common platform for sharing documents in many organisations. To use best of both worlds, Cadmes offers the EPDM SharePoint Link which enables publication of documents from EPDM to SharePoint, including PDM-related information with it.

  • Increase audience for PDM originated documents
  • Securely share documents with other departments in larger enterprises or with external partners (customers, suppliers, co-workers)
  • Use stronger template mechanism of EPDM for document creation in SharePoint
  • Single point of entry for documents. No duplicate revision process
  • Possible synergy with ERP link to documents in SharePoint. (in combination with ERP Exchange)

If a company uses SharePoint for document sharing and collaboration, it makes sense to link the EPDM environment with SharePoint. Typical scenarios are based on publication of drawing PDFs or other documents for an audience that does not require PDM for other reason than occasional viewing of documents.

Another typical reason is the need to grant read-only access to certain documents from outside the company. This could be in case of collaboration with customers or suppliers.

With the EPDM SharePoint Link both needs can be served. The Link will populate SharePoint document libraries with documents of choice and feeds them with PDM properties for easy recognition and possibilities to find them.