Smart role assignment for individual users in large organizations.

For larger organisations, assigning roles to individual users is an elaborate task. The Cadmes User-Group-Role Tool is developed to set up an advanced authorisation model for organisational groups without sacrificing flexibility in project or folder dependent authorisation.

  • Improved overview of assigned user rights in larger organisations
  • More flexibility and differentiation in user rights
  • Reduction of error risk if users are hired, released or moving to other departments

In Enterprise PDM, it is possible to use a role or group based user right management. If the role based strategy is used, individual users can be assigned to roles for specific areas in the vault, for example to grant specific rights to a project or library.

In larger organisations it becomes more complex to manage these authorisations on individual level. For that purpose Cadmes has developed the UGR Tool, allowing admins to manage the roles on a group level.

All existing users in PDM can be organized in groups where users can be part of multiple groups. Furthermore, these groups can be assigned to Enterprise PDM roles, making it easier for the administrator to assign, remove and monitor the user rights.